Minh Ly

Actor, Writer

Minh Ly is a Chinese/Vietnamese Canadian actor/writer based in Toronto, ON. He strives to create theatre that is inclusive, relevant, and provokes discussion on issues that largely affect marginalized groups in our society.

Minh trained at Studio 58 in Vancouver, and has worked in film/tv and theatre. Recent film/tv credits include, STAR TREK DISCOVERY (CBS), SEE (Apple TV), and CARDINAL (CTV Network). Selected theatre credits include, HANA’S SUITCASE (Magnus Theatre) and THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE (Gateway Theatre).

As a writer, Minh’s first full-length play, GA TING 家庭 (family), has been produced in western Canada (frank Theatre/VACT), and Toronto (Next Stage Theatre Festival). It has also been published by Scirocco Drama, and Playwrights Canada Press.

Share a time that you had to deal with racism in the course of your career;

I was once told by a teacher I’d never be like ‘him’. That teacher was pointing at another acting student who would go out for the same roles as me. We were more or less the same type, except he was Caucasian and I was Asian. They were trying to provoke me, to get some sort of end product to whatever we were working on at the time, I can’t remember what exactly. However, I do remember I will never be like ‘him’. But why, oh why would I ever want to?

Share something that you are proud of achieving as an Asian Canadian working in professional performing arts;

As an Asian artist, we have to be twice as good every time we get an opportunity because they come seldom, especially the really good ones.

What does it mean to you to be an Asian-Canadian working in the performing arts?

Let’s all celebrate not only our victories but also our ‘failures’. Let’s celebrate every time we didn’t ‘get the job’ for whatever reason, because those attempts are all a part of who we are. I’m proud to be amongst so many tenacious and strong Asian artists as peers.