Lisa Li

Managing Director of Prairie Theatre Exchange

Lisa Li is currently the Managing Director of Prairie Theatre Exchange. She’s held positions at the Shaw Festival, Soulpepper, Young Centre for the Performing Arts, and has freelanced at the OAC, TAC, and as a producer for indie theatre companies in Toronto. Lisa Li sits on the Board of PACT as the Director of the Labour Relations Portfolio.

It took me a long time, and sometimes I still struggle with it, but something I’m proud of achieving as an Asian Canadian working in professional performing arts is going about my job and my process with audacity and authenticity.  I’ve always been boldly honest. Sometimes I’ve been made to feel that I am too bold and that it’s unwelcomed.  Early in my career, I hid that part of myself thinking people wanted something smaller, and quieter.  But the successes I’ve experienced have never come out of being smaller, or quieter. It’s always come from moments of taking up space, speaking up, presenting the outlandish idea, and being boldly me.  If they think I’m too much, I invite them to go find less.