Jason Qui


With his vulnerable, emotion-laden vocal lines, Vancouver-born singer-songwriter Jason Qiu
sets his raw, introspective and melancholic yet intentionally ambiguous storytelling and imagery
against ambient, synthetic sonic textures.
The first songs that Qiu wrote as a teenager were in protest against his classical music training –
he loved the freedom of not having to follow the notes on the page and never having to play any
song the same way twice. Many years later, after a choir director told him during an audition that
he couldn’t hear his voice, Qiu began a personal journey as a solo artist to rediscover himself
and truly find his voice.
In stark contrast to his organic piano performances on the stage, Qiu’s recorded work evokes a
dreamlike state by incorporating multilayered synthetic elements. He also further extends his
artistry by performing Cantonese and Mandarin interpretations of his compositions.
Qiu’s upcoming English/Cantonese EP, Lone Wolf, will be released in 2022.