Harvey Nichol

Interdisciplinary Artist

Harvey Nichol is an interdisciplinary artist from Tondo, Manila, and he is currently based in
Calgary, Alberta. His work embodies elements from various art movements such as
neo-expressionism, folk art, and street art, which he coined “street-folk-expressionism.”
Harvey dabbles in different mediums of art-making practices such as analog and digital
paintings, sculptures, streetwear design, and storytelling. His practice is influenced by his life
experiences as an immigrant and his life living on the streets as a homeless youth and living
through the foster system. He wants to channel this through visual autoethnography with
elements inspired by his culture’s pre-colonial folklore and today’s socio-political climate.
Harvey’s been featured in numerous articles here in Canada and back in Asia, such as
Avenue Magazine-Best Dressed 2020, CBC Calgary, Fabefo Singapore, The Issue YE, and
triART Philippines. He was also nominated for the Immigrant of Distinction Award in 2021.
His goal as an artist is to inspire young artists in Calgary and back home in Tondo, a sense
of self-fulfillment that empowered him through art.