Evelyn Chew


Evelyn is an actor and educator. She is a mentor with the UBCP Diversity and Inclusion mentorship program and a facilitator with LEAD Ensemble at Neworld Theatre. Selected credits include: Canada, It’s Complicated (Mary Walsh), Reflections In Crooked Walking (Firehall Arts Centre), The Five Vengeances (Affair Of Honour), Bedstefader (Caravan Farm Theatre), She Has A Name (Burnt Thicket Theatre), Are We There Yet? (Jessie Award Recipient, Neworld Theatre), The Mysterious Benedict Society (Fox/Hulu), Narcoleap (KGP Films, Leo Award Receipt). She is a graduate of both Douglas College and Studio 58 Acting Programs. Evelyn is passionate about creating healthy work practices and likes to lead with love.

One of the greatest honours I’ve had recently is teaching and mentoring younger artists. There’s a feedback loop. Sometimes it’s a gift to give just as much as it is to receive. I often find myself trying to take my own advice like “Keep going, believe in yourself, be kind, find your own way…” I’ll be acting at Bard On The Beach this summer. When take on certain roles and projects, it’s my way of honouring and taking care of my younger self.