Evelyn Chew


Evelyn is an actor, educator and mentor. She’s completed two national tours and worked with many of the city’s best theatre companies. Evelyn is passionate about creating healthy work practices and likes to lead by example and with love. She enjoys play, rigour and creating high-caliber work that is both entertaining and thought provoking.

I’ve experienced a lot of racism over the course of my career. The underlying message
is “You don’t belong here. You are not important.” It’s hurtful and it’s not true.

I’m still here and doing it! I love acting. I’m curious, open and playful. I’m loving first. I
think this is a massive accomplishment.

It’s an honour, joy and privilege. I take it seriously and I celebrate it. Storytellers have
the unique power to shape public perceptions and attitudes. A persuasive story can
inspire change, inform and reflect. I love acting, playing and helping others discover
their best selves.