Amanda Lin

Writer and Arts Administrator

Amanda Lin 林美智 (she/her) is a friend, playwright, daughter, arts administrator, crochet enthusiast, performer, and director. She is a graduate of Queen’s University, where she studied social psychology, theatre, and business, with her area of research centring on attitudes and social influence. She is interested in using art and storytelling to cultivate compassionate and dynamic communities. Amanda currently works at Nightwood Theatre, where she spends her time fundraising and co-leading emerging artist programs such as the Nightwood Innovators and Rising Moon. Her first full-length play, Between a Wok and a Hot Pot, premiered in January 2023 with Cahoots Theatre. She loves lying on the floor.

I feel very proud to be part of a community of incredible Asian-Canadian artists who are not only sharing incredible work, but are also working towards a more equitable future for everyone. As we bring attention to voices and stories that have been out of the spotlight for too long in North America, we are contributing to making the Canadian theatre ecology more interesting, just, and meaningful to audiences who may not have felt welcome in theatres in the past. I believe art is essential to any community as it helps to celebrate the present, preserve the past, and dream about potential futures, and I am honoured (a very Asian adjective) to be a part of that process, and to bring others into that process.